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Applicant Registration

All fields highlighted in yellow are required fields and information must be entered in these fields.All other fields are optional.


If the individual does not have a middle name do not enter information in this field.

NMN is not an acceptable value for this field.

Please leave it blank.


The Social Security Number is not a mandatory field but if it is entered during the registration process this number can be used at the GAPS fingerprint location to access the applicantís registration information.


When entering the Driverís License Number only use numbers in this field.There is a field below the Driverís License Number to select the state that issued the Driverís License.


Fingerprint background checks can be paid for by credit card, money order, cashierís check or by establishing an agency billing account with Cogent.


NOTE: If your applicantís background results need to go to another agency for review or to make a fitness determination for employment or licensing purposes, then you must click the box Does another agency make the fitness determination?Please refer to Procedures for Using GAPS on the GAPS main web page for detailed instructions.



Once registration is complete, a REGISTRATION ID will be provided.The applicant must take this REGISTRATION ID or their Social Security Number to a GAPS fingerprint location to be fingerprinted for their background check.The Social Security Number is not a valid option if it is not entered during the registration process.

Applicants must provide valid proof of identity at the GAPS fingerprint location.For acceptable forms of identification documents see Identification Needed for Fingerprinting on the GAPS main web page.