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Agency Enrollment – See steps 1 & 2 below

An agency or business must first enroll with 3M Cogent in order to register applicants and have applicants fingerprinted at a GAPS Print Location.

To enroll your agency or business with 3M Cogent follow the steps below.

There is no cost to your agency/business to enroll. For assistance with any of the steps provided below or questions regarding the GAPS website you may contact 3M Cogent or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation GCIC Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Unit at:

Email:gahelp@cogentsystems.com or 1-888-439-2512†† (3M Cogent Helpdesk)

Email:GAApplicant@gbi.ga.gov or404-244-2639, select option 2 (Applicant Helpdesk)

STEP 1Complete the GCIC Service Agreement

This entire form may be downloaded by clicking here.Your agency head should read the GCIC Service Agreement in its entirety before signing.Return the signature page to GCIC. If you have any questions regarding the information in the GCIC Service Agreement, an email can be sent to GAApplicant@gbi.ga.gov.

Please complete the information on the last page of th service agreement. Print only the signature page of the GCIC Service Agreement by clicking here. Mail the last page of the GCIC Service Agreement to GBI at the address shown at the bottom of the form.[Note: If your agency/business does not have or you do not know your ORI/OAC number then leave the Agency ORI or OAC # field blank and GBI will provide this number with the signed GCIC Service Agreement that will be returned to your agency.]


Once you receive an ORI or OAC number from GBI (typical response time is within 10 business days) you may proceed to Step 2.


If your agency already has an ORI/OAC number and you have included it on the GCIC Service Agreement, you may now proceed to Step 2.

ORI numbers are assigned by the FBI and it may take up to six (6) weeks before the GBI receives the ORI number from the FBI and is able to provide this number to you.  OAC numbers are assigned by the GBI and you should receive this number within 10 business days of the request being received.  If after the designated time periods (6 weeks for ORI and 10 business days for OAC) you have not received your ORI or OAC number, send an email to GAApplicant@gbi.ga.gov and include your agency/business name, address and contact information.

STEP 2Complete the GAPS Agency Enrollment Form

This form must be completed online and must include your ORI or OAC number.If you do not have an ORI or OAC, see STEP 1 and return to complete this online form once you have either an ORI or OAC number.

Note:The Contact Person entered on the On-Line Enrollment must be the same person entered as the Contact Person on the GCIC Service Agreement.

The Authorized Person entered on the On-Line Enrollment must be the same person entered as the Agency Head on the GCIC Service Agreement.

Enroll online by clicking here.

Once you complete the information on the On-Line Enrollment screen, click Save, PRINT the form that is displayed and have your agency head SIGN the form.If your On-Line Enrollment form did not print, click here View Agency Enrollment Formto print the form and manually complete it.


The form with the Authorized Personís signature must be faxed to 3M Cogent: 626-325-9123.

You can also scan it digitally and email the form to GAHelp@cogentsystems.com.


If you do not have access to a fax machine, you may mail the form to the following address:  


3M Cogent

GAPS Enrollment

639 North Rosemead Boulevard

Pasadena, CA  91107

The form must be faxed,emailed or mailed to 3M Cogent within seven (7) days of online enrollment.


You should receive a GAPS Agency Enrollment Confirmation and Instructions email from 3M Cogent within ten (10) business days (provided you faxed and mailed the copy of the on-line form).  If after the 10-day period you have not received a confirmation email, please contact 3M Cogentís Help Desk at GAhelp@cogentsystems.com .  Please include your ORI/OAC number in the e-mail.


You cannot register an individual for a background check until you receive the GAPS Agency Enrollment Confirmation & Instructions email from 3M Cogent.  For information on items contained in the Enrollment Confirmation Email refer to the Enrollment Confirmation Info. link located under the Agency Use tab.