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ORI and OAC Number Information


If you are an agency or business wanting to use GAPS you are going to need an ORI or OAC number.

If your agency or business does not currently have an OAC or ORI number, you will need to complete the GCIC Service Agreement. The GCIC Service Agreement can be found under the Agency Use tab select the How to Enroll Your Agency/Business link to find the GCIC Service Agreement.

Once you complete the GCIC Service Agreement and submit to GBI, an ORI or OAC number will be assigned by GBI to your agency or business.

Cogent Systems DOES NOT provide individuals or agencies/businesses with an ORI or OAC number.

You must get an ORI or OAC number prior to enrolling your agency or business with Cogent Systems.

Before you can register and receive background check results on an individual, you must be enrolled with Cogent Systems. For more information on the enrollment process, go to the Agency Use tab select How to Enroll Your Agency/Business.