GAPS Agency Contact Information


Whether you are a Georgia agency wanting to use the GAPS service or a Georgia applicant that requires a background check, you are going to need an ORI or OAC number.


Examples of Applicant Registration Codes that may be required during registration

When you register in GAPS for a background check you will be asked to enter either a ORI number, a OAC number, or both.  These numbers tell GAPS where to send the results of your background check.  You will be required to enter a Verification Code.  This verification ensures that you enter the ORI or OAC number correctly.  You will also be required to know the Transaction Type; the reason why you are being fingerprinted.

ORI or OAC number

GA1111111 or GAP1111111 (example)

Verification Code

Determined by Agency that holds the ORI or OAC number.  It is used to prevent “typos” that may occur during GAPS registration

Transaction Type

Determined by State statue (Adoption Private, Foster Care, Pistol Permit, etc…)

Cogent Systems DOES NOT provide applicants with ORI/OAC numbers, Verification Codes or Transaction Types. 

You must get the above mentioned information prior to registration.  Your employer or State Agency that is requiring you to get a background check can provide this information. 

You might find your registration information below if your ORI/OAC holder chooses to make this information public. 

Available Applicant Registration Codes

Office of Secretary of State; Professional Licensing Boards

A Note to GAPS Agencies

Georgia Agencies using the GAPS service should make the above noted codes easily available if applicants are expected to register themselves for GAPS.  Applicants CANNOT register for GAPS unless they have this information.

If you do not know, or would like to get a ORI number or OAC number to participate in GAPS, please complete STEP 1 at the Agency Enrollment link.  Once you have completed STEP 1 and have received your ORI or OAC number, proceed to STEP 2 and enroll your Agency to use the GAPS service.

If you are a currently enrolled GAPS Agency and would like to add information to this page for the benefit of your applicants, please send your email request to