Welcome to the
Georgia Applicant Processing Service
for fingerprint background requests

Electronic submission of fingerprint images will involve the use of a 3M Cogent Livescan machine. The Livescan captures fingerprint images and demographic data and submits this information to GBI. GBI conducts a search of its criminal history records using the fingerprint images. In some cases, these images are also forwarded to the FBI where a Federal Criminal History Record search is also conducted. Notifications of the search results are then forwarded from the GBI/FBI to 3M Cogent where these results are then electronically disseminated to the Georgia company or agency that requested the search to be completed.

Please Note: Beginning March 1 2017, 3M's commonly used registration link will be changed.
A new "pop-up" window will now appear and redirect users
from www.ga.cogentid.com to gacogentid.3m.com.
The new 3M URL contains increased security, and users will experience no change in how
registration processing takes place.